Measuring your students‘ preparedness for career success


The memo© Employability Scan:

  • is a psychometric survey-based tool for HEIs,
  • offers an annual assessment of students’ personality traits related to their employability,
  • provides an evaluation of interventions provided in individual study programme.

Direct your policies for the best possible impact on your students‘ employability.


European employers value personality traits more often than field-specific knowledge and alumni with higher memo© scores are more likely to get a managerial position soon, revealed the Erasmus Impact Study (2014)


Track your students‘ personality development!

The memo© Employability Scan measures the effects of various experiences and institutional interventions offered to students during university studies (study abroad, foreign lecturers, interactions with foreign students, internships etc.) on their personality development. Providing you with an institutional analytical report, the memo© Employability Scan helps you reconsider your curriculum and other interventions.

The memo© Employability Scan provides an immediate psychometric feedback for each individual student with results compared to those of other students. All generated automatically at the end of the survey.


Download the Employability Scan leaflet for more information



The Employability Scan was based on the well-established memo© methodology and recent research findings about employer preferences and career success of graduates. Read more about the methods and factors measured

3-step process

  • WE ADAPT THE SURVEY TO YOUR NEEDS: Together, we adjust the survey to comply with your study programmes and different institutional interventions
  • YOU SEND A LINK to your students and invite them to the Employability Scan survey.

The memo© Employability Scan works on an annual basis. It is recommended to run the survey every year at the beginning of the academic year.




10 000 EUR flat rate

+ 1 EUR per student enrolled in the institution

  • A survey and an immediate personal feedback for each of your students EVERY YEAR
  • An annual analytic report for your institution, including extensive data analysis and comparison with peer institutions
  • All students of your institution or selected study programmes will be invited to the survey
  • Individualised questions related to specific interventions
  • A possibility to choose language version of the survey
  • Easy incorporation into your IT system


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