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memo© Tool is a survey-based instrument designed to help universities to learn more about their students to develop their full potential and to enhance their employability. It provides your policy with  evidence based on cutting-edge research in psychometrics.


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memo© and employability

92% of employers value personality traits in recruitment

According to the Erasmus Impact Study from 2014, European employers consider personality traits more important for recruitment than sector-specific skills. 92% of them claimed to value highly memo©-measured personality traits such as curiosity, confidence, decisiveness, self-awareness and tolerance of ambiguity.


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memo© results

Only 52% of students strengthen their personality abroad

... but 81% believe they have improved. That reveals that students themselves are not very accurate in evaluating the effect of their mobility experience on their personality traits. Psychometrics-based measures can therefore add a lot of information to perceptional questionnaires.


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memo© factors

memo© measures 10 aspects of personality

The Confidence, Tolerance, Problem-solving, Curiosity, Self-assessment, Self-awareness, Decisiveness, Sociability, Position-defending and Adaptability of each student are measured by the memo© tool. Learn more about them.


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memo© clients

Almost 100 000 participants

In addition to normal memo© clients, the Erasmus Impact Study brought in more than 70 000 participants and the InHoPe study nearly 10 000. More participants are joining every year - be one of them. Click to learn more about the universities we cooperate with and their experience.


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memo© feedback for students upgraded

  • a new graphical layout,
  • students' results as percentiles,
  • memo results in two aggregated categories – employability and intercultural competence,
  • a clear explanation of how to read and use the results,
  • a unique serial number for each feedback,


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