“After our experience with the memo© Mobility Scan, we started recently to use the Employability Scan as well to measure international experience and its connection to better employability. We are the first European University, as far as we know, using this Employability Scan. We will be happy to discuss about our experience so far.”

Dr. Juan Perez-Miranda

Vice Chancellor of International Relations
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain


“memo© tool provided us with valuable feedback and suggestions on who our students are, what they need and how to shape our institutional strategy in order to reach the highest possible level of personal development and employability of mobile students. And above all – it is very easy to implement!”

Clara Gartner

International Projects Manager
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain


“memo© survey results helped us in clarifying the rationales underlying strategic policy development regarding the international and intercultural context of our curricula.”

René A.G. Teunissen, MSc

Departmental Coordinator International Affairs and International Relations Manager, Lecturer Higher Professional Education

Avans University of Applied Sciences, School of Health, Breda, The Netherlands



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International Affairs and International Relations Manager, School of Health
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Proyectos Especiales y Protocolo
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