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How effective are your mobility programmes?
Check and act! Make strategic decisions. Revise procedures.



Measure what really matters!

The memo© Mobility Scan is a survey-based instrument designed to help universities to learn more about their mobile students to develop their full potential and to enhance their employability. The final report, distributed annually, provides your internationalisation policy with evidence based on cutting-edge research in psychometrics and save you huge amount of time you would spend on data collection, cleaning and analysis. The tool also provides personal feedback on personality traits to each individual student immediately after completing the survey. As we know from research, Erasmus Impact Study, 92% of employers consider these factors relevant in recruitment – read more about it.

"40 universities from different countries and continents have already taken the chance to collect robust evidence on the actual effect of mobility on their students, and more than 90 000 individuals have had their personality measured by memo© – and the numbers are still growing."

Uwe Brandenburg, PhD (Managing Partner of CHE Consult)



  • What type of exchange is the most effective (short term × long term, study × work placement)?
  • Who are the winners and losers in terms of the mobility impact?
  • What defines your risk group – is it family background?
  • What do incoming students say about your institution?
  • How to prepare your students to go abroad?
  • How do you stand compared to your peer institutions?
  • Are your mobile students better prepared for their future career?

Make data-driven decisions. Measure the real impact of mobility. Monitor students' personal development.



The memo© Mobility Scan is a pre-departure and post-return online survey for your outgoing and incoming students, consisting of facts (who the students are and what they do), perceptions (what the students think) and a psychometric test of 10 memo© factors measuring the personality traits of students (how students behave and how their personalities and mind-sets change).

Measure what really matters: on average 92% of European employers consider memo© factors important for recruitment. Skills can be trained but personality traits are very hard to change. Does mobility have an impact strong enough to develop the personality of students?

The time spent abroad is an important and a decisive phase in students’ lives. International mobility is a unique opportunity for a personal development – but it is also a complex time when one meets diverse and unexpected challenges. Whether or not the experience will be positive is not only dependent on academic performance – personality and individual attitudes are crucial as well. Let's measure that!




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