How do I read the personal feedback?


Each participant will receive personal feedback that can be saved and printed out. Only participants themselves will have access to this individual data because of the data security policy  (see more in Terms and conditions).




In the Mobility Scan, as an incoming or outgoing student of a participating higher education institution, you can have your personality traits measured twice - prior to (PRE) and after (POST) your stay abroad. In the Employability Scan, you can measure your career chances every year as long as you stay at the participating institution. In all cases you will receive your personal feedback right after completing the survey.


You are the only one to receive this information, so do not forget to save it. Your institution will receive a separate data report but that one contains only aggregated data which does not allow the identification of individual students and the derivation of your memo© values. Since neither names nor other personal information such as email addresses will be saved linked to the results, under no circumstances will CHE Consult or your university identify you personally with your individual responses. You are the only person who will ever have access to your particular results.


Read more about why memo© factors and personality traits matter and what memo© brings to you




In the personal feedback, the relative values of your memo© total and individual memo© factors, representing essential personality traits, will be displayed. The values are calculated from the questions you answered in the survey and are compared to the results of tens of thousands of individuals who also participated. The higher the values, the better you performed in comparison with others.


In the first part of the survey, we ask you personal and university-related questions. In the second part, we ask you about your experiences, feelings and attitudes. All of the answers in this “psychometric test” (similar to the ones you may be familiar with from some popular magazines) are summarized into so-called factors.


In each factor, you will see your percentile indicating the proportion of other participants with scores lower than yours. I.e. if your score is 50%, you are a perfectly median student in that factor – half of the students who participated before have a better score than you and half worse. The higher the number, the more you can consider that particular factor your personal strength. The lower, the more space for improvement you have and you should consider focusing on development in that aspect of your personality.


The factors have been developed based on extensive research in this area (read more about memo© methodology).


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