Internationality Test: a new tool to be released soon

A new psychometric-based tool for staff is to be released soon by CHE Consult Prague. The tool is designed to measure international competence of individuals and provide them with a personal feedback comparing their results with other professionals. Pre-register to get an access to the test for free.

Do you work in an international office? Is your team composed of people with different cultural backgrounds? Do you have a lot of clients or partners abroad? Or do you want to work in environment like that? Test your international competence!


By filling-in the preregistration form, you will become one of the first individuals to have the opportunity to use the Internationality Test once it is released. PRE-REGISTER HERE.


In a few minutes the Internationality Test tells you about your personality and where do you stand compared to others in a similar position like you. The tool will be free for individuals to use and it is based on the validated memo© methodology.


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