A new tool for HEIs based on the memo© methodology is currently tested by Universidad Fancisco de Vitoria in Spain. The Scan was designed to assess the employability of students and its development during their studies.

Employability Scan is a psychometrical-survey-based tool for HEIs that provides an annual assessment of students' personality traits related to certain interventions provided for individual study programmes via an online survey followed by an annual analytic report.

How does your institution contribute to the employability of students via different interventions (internships, foreign lectures, career counselling,...)?

4 surveys 4 years

  • cross-cohort comparison of students of different study years and characteristics (such as field of studies, age, gender or family background)
  • true-cohort longitudinal analysis allowing to measure the actual impact of gained experience (e.g. international mobility) and institutional interventions (such as counselling) on individual students and target groups
  • immediate personal feedback for each student

Employability Scan measures personality development of students using 6 memo© factors.


The six aspects of personality (“memo© factors”) measured have been proven to be highly valued by employers. In the Erasmus Impact Study (2014), 92% industry representatives considered them relevant in recruitment, which is more than for field-specific skills and job-related experience.

  • Tolerance of ambiguity is considered important by 96% of employers,
  • 94% recruiters value curiosity, self-assessment and confidence,
  • decisiveness is valued by 92% of companies.

The tool is currently tested by Universidad Fancisco de Vitoria in Spain.

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