Cross-culturally relevant memo© factors discussed by Brazilian decision-makers

How do you measure the impact of exchange mobility and assess real personal development of students? What do memo© factors tell us about employability? What results can we expect in Brazil compared to Europe and the Erasmus Impact Study? These and other questions were discussed in Brazil.

A special workshop for decision makers from the whole country – decision makers at universities, heads of university organisations, students’ organisations and different federal agencies – was organized by CAPES, the Brazilian Federal Agency for the Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education.

“I was invited to provide an expert lecture on the methodology and results of memo© and the Erasmus Impact Study at length and its possible implementation in Brazil. Interest was extremely strong and a lively discussion developed. Many people reading the Erasmus Impact Study think that memo© factors are only related to Erasmus or Europe. However, they have been developed as cross-culturally comparable and have been proven to be so by thousands of students at client HEIs across the globe” explains Brandenburg. Our memo© tool partner universities come from different continents. “We also have partners from the USA, Mexico and Brazil.


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